Things to consider when selling your home

There are many things to think about when preparing your property for sale. It is important to have a timeframe in mind and to follow a schedule to keep your progress on track. Clearing your home of clutter, painting, arranging a home inspection, photography, floor plans, pricing, marketing, negotiating offers, and much more are part of this process. 

Having a solid understanding of the current marketplace will guide your expectations when pricing your home and preparing it for sale. I will gather and analyze all comparable sales within your given neighbourhood, as well as look at market trends and conditions and your property’s unique features in determining the best value and pricing strategy for your home. For a home to sell quickly it must be priced right and maintain its marketability.



Sellers should collect the following information when preparing to sell their home:

Land survey - It is wise to have a copy or an original land survey but not necessary. These can be expensive to obtain however. 

Copy of house key - Be prepared to have a copy of your front door key and garage key (if you have one) as these keys will be used for showings. 

Most recent annual property tax assessment - This information is required on all listings and buyers must be made aware. 

Utilities - You should have the average monthly cost of utilities (water, gas, hydro, etc.) available if potential buyers inquire about these fees for budgeting purposes. 

Age of home - Buyers are often curious to know how old your property is. 

Easements etc. - Provide a list of easements or rights-of-way etc. to your real estate agent. 

Receipts/warrants - Having receipts and warranties for any home renovations would be beneficial to share with prospective buyers. 

Exclusions - Provide your real estate agent with a list of items that you would like excluded from the sale of your home. These items should be identified in your Agreement of Purchase and Sale. 


Maintenance fee inclusions - Know what your maintenance fee covers and these items need to be referenced in your listing.

Parking and Lockers - Know what your parking number and locker number are, these need to be identified in your listing. 

Copy of unit key and building fob - Provide a copy of your unit key along with a fob to access the building and all its amenities. These keys will be used for showings. 

Status certificate - When you are ready to list your condo unit for sale you should obtain a copy of your unit’s status certificate. This usually takes 10 business days to order so be sure to prepare in advance because you need the status certificate to sell your unit. 

Building by-laws and restrictions - You should have a copy of the building’s by-laws and restrictions (i.e. pets) as potential buyers will need to know this information.